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Breuil-Cervinia is one of the most famous ski resorts in Aosta Valley. It is composed of a mountain range, where Mount Cervino is located (4,478 m high). Forming in this way a perfect pyramid, Mount Cervino is a symbol of the whole area. Breuil-Cervinia includes also Plateau Rosà (3,408 m) and a small village Valtournenche (1,542 m), which is the lowest point of resort.

Mount Cervino reflects on the surface of a near Lago Blu (literally “blue lake”). Another lake, Lago Goillet, is a 2,550 m deep artificial pond which is used for the production of hydroelectricity and snow.

Breuil-Cervinia has more than 200 km of trekking paths, that’s why it is a perfect way for nature lovers to enjoy stunning mountain landscapes.



The main characteristic of Breuil-Cervinia resort is a warm and kind reception, which promises the tasting of typical local dishes and the discovery of Valley’s traditions.

Despite a simple and rustic cuisine, Aosta Valley boasts a large and rich assortment of dishes. You will be specially attracted by different kinds of cheese, soup and wild flesh, as a result of French culinary influence. Fontina DOP, Jambon de Bosses, Lardo di Arnad and Motsetta are absolute favourites of local cuisine.

There are a typical unavoidable Polenta and a lot of soups in the first course. For instance, Zuppa Valdostana is made up of flesh bouillon, cabbage, Fontina cheese and bread, whereas Carbonade (literally from French “carbon”) is considered an excellent second course: a delicious beefsteak cooked in a red-wine sauce gets a characteristic carbon colour, the reason why it is called Carbonade.

Sweet-teeth will be offered masterpieces like Blanc Manger, Mont Blanc and Tegole d’Aosta. They all are cookies made up of almonds and hazelnuts. But what could be better to go with delicious cookies than a coup of good Aosta Valley’s coffee? If you didn’t know, they make it adding sugar, Grappa and lemon (or orange) peel and serve it in a Grolla di Amicizia. So your typical Valley’s dinner is ready!



Trekking, skiing, paragliding, golf and many other kinds of sport that Breuil-Cervinia can offer you both in winter and summer. Moreover, there are various walking tracks for trekking and mountain bike.

More than 360 km of ski and snowboard tracks make Cervinia the largest resort in the Alps. In addition, there is a famous snow park Indian Park di Cervinia with a 400x100 m freestyle area.

Concerning skiing, there can be practised alpine and Nordic types of skiing (a 3 km circle for Nordic skiing available). Of course, all ski tracks are covered by snow during the winter.

On the height of 2,050 m there is a Cervino Golf Club, one of the golf courses on the highest sea level in the world. It will satisfy golf lovers because of the course that permits a standard play with 18 holes.